Before and After: WSU 2017

It was nearly summer and all the student had gone home to ask Mom and Dad for more beer money. That was our lucky break as tourist. No students to contend with or degrade the purity of my WSU images.

This was a 3 bracketed shot facing the Palouse. You can see a sliver of the Palouse in the distance.

Nominal exposure before post processing.

wsu, washington state university, palouse, campus

3 brackets merged into one HDR images. 🙂

wsu, washington state university, palouse, campus

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Please enjoy this view of WSU. This is such a beautiful campus and tucked so far away from the dirt and grime of a big city. WSU is located in Pullman, WA and is a part of the PAC-12.



P.S. I choose and trust Photomatix Pro as my HDR editing software of choice. It is the Mercedes of HDR editing. Get Photomatix Pro here and enter ‘hdrbyspencer’ for a 15% discount.