Bryan Hall at Washington State University

On March 28, 1890 Washington State University was established by the Washington Legislature. Washington State University is located in Pullman WA and today boast an undergraduate enrollment of 24,470 and a total enrollment of 29,686 according to a recent U.S. News & World Report.

WSU is second in population only to University of Washington.

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And the most noted structure on the campus is Bryan Hall. This building was built in 1909 and was named after the first president of WSU… Enoch A. Bryan.

Bryan Hall was originally the principal library and assembly hall. Today the Bryan Hall is primarily used for International studies and some music course.

… and most fascinating about this building is the ghost story that is attached to the namesake.

A story worthy of Ghost Hunters.

Stage manager, Richard Uthmann, in the fall of 1957 reported ghostly activity in the storage area of the drama department.

On one occasion he visited the storage area which held Enoch A. Bryan’s old rocking chair. He was instructed to leave it where it sat in the middle of the floor, as that was Mr. Bryan’s chair and it was to remain undisturbed.

Later, Richard visited the storage area by himself and report strange happenings. Here is his encounter as reported in this article.

“The next time I went up into the loft alone, the chair was out in the open, so I put it over with the other chairs and went on the fix the lights. It was late at night and I was sure no one else was in the building since the janitor left as I came and reminded me to lock the doors when I left. As I worked on the lights (they were carbon arc and very hot) I heard the fire door open and close, but saw no one there. I figured it was just the janitor checking on me and ignored it. A moment later I got really cold, even shivering, even though I was standing right over the hot light. Then the cold sensation passed and I finished the rest of the lights quickly. When I went back through the fire door, the chair was sitting in the middle of the floor, rocking. I watched for a minute, but it didn’t stop. The air around it was cold, but I wasn’t brave enough to touch the chair.”

So chalk this up to one more ghost reported building in Washington State. These things really intrigue me.

I am hoping to get back to WSU one more time this year. While there I would love get into this famous old core WSU building to see and photograph the interior, especially the clock tower.

And if possible… to see, touch, and sit in the rocking chair. Ewww, hairs on my arms standing straight up. Maybe I will just look at the chair.



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