Living like a Millennial on Chinese and Uber Eats

I was the walking dead this morning. Like a feral zombie formed by a night of dining, dancing, drinking, and delving too deep into an overload of carbs. My head on fire with streaks of pain and two Tylenol acting as fire fighters to extinguish the burning flames raging though my grey matter.

Unconsciously I ripped the  refrigerator door open to a blinding white light and a typical box of left over carbs aptly titled Chinese food.

chinese food, leftovers, ubereats, iPhone, hdriphonephotography, hdrphotography

FLASHBACK: Here is where the story begins.

Last night my wife and I decided to live like Millennials. It was an absolute blast… not the bad Chinese food mind you, but the Uber Eats experiment.

Our goal… no movement from our recliners and Chinese food that just arrives at the door.

Enter Uber Eats and Steve the driver! What a beautiful age we live in. The age of Laziness.

So I’m thinking… this Uber Eats thingee could become a really bad thingee very fast. I can just imagine myself growing to 300 or more pounds just by being SUPER LAZY and using Uber Eats for all my food source. It will be something like a scene right out of Wall-E. 🙂

Anyway… back to the bright refrigerator light and leftover Chinese food.

Then I decided this needs something. It needs my HDR editing touch. SO…… looky at what I did with LightRoom 6, Photomatix Pro 6, and Topaz Glow 2.

chinese food, leftovers, ubereats, iPhone, hdriphonephotography, hdrphotography

Now this simple and typical Chinese food box of ugliness is no more.

Now this Chinese food box has become a work of art. Don’t you think? And… AND it all started with walking like a feral zombie to my kitchen aimlessly seeking food and caffeine.

SIDE NOTE: No animals, humans, politicians, Kings, Queens, or countries were hurt in the making of this Neon Glow image.

It all came from my creative minds eye and the inner talent of post processing thousands upon thousands of photos from simple, bland, boring flat images into eye catchers.

The best part…. even YOU can do this. Here is all you need.

  • A computer
  • An iPhone, camera of your choice
  • LightRoom software
  • Photomatix Pro software
  • Topaz Glow 2 plug-in
  • About 20 minutes for tweaking and creating

Come on over to my Neon Glow gallery and see some of my best images. This is a fun process and love the artsy fartsy feel and look of these little gems.

Peace out and no more Chinese for a while. 😉

P.S. You can swing by my gear and pre-sets pages to see a complete list of my equipment and HDR tools.