Introducing… HDR iPhone Friday!

iphonehdrphotography, iPhone, HDR, hdrphotographyIntroducing… HDR iPhone Friday!!

Allow me to do some splaining. I am looking for some pure fun in my photography. Maybe something a bit off center from traditional stuff.

Each Friday between now and the end of 2017 I will capture one random snap shot from somewhere I am during the day and create a single image HDR.

These are definitely not for sale… only for fun. And I hope you too will join in the fun. If you do HDR photography and want to create your own HDR iPhone image you can share it at I would love to see your iPhone work as well.

Some back story on this snap shot…

It had been a wildly successful day and was feeling like two beers at one time was my reward. Hey… don’t you judge me!

By the way… when I have an unsuccessful day I usually drink three beers at one time. AGAIN… don’t you judge me! 🙂

I my mind I saw a final image that had under tones or hints of neon coloring. During editing I turned up the blue and magenta to try and create a pink, green,  and blue glow.

I always create with Photomatix Pro. There is no substitute for awesome HDR editing. Get your only copy and save 15% by entering the code hdrbyspencer.

After looking at the final image I think I was able captured the feel of cosmic energy at the Bob’s Burger bar.

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P.S. I choose and trust Photomatix Pro as my HDR editing software of choice. It is the Mercedes of HDR editing. Get Photomatix Pro here and enter ‘hdrbyspencer’ for a 15% discount.