3 key rules for good photography

I believe we are here with a purpose attached to our soul.

Some peoples’ purpose come in the form of writer, actor, poet, painter, sculptor, musician, movie maker, and even engineer. But the best purpose of all… and I am tainted by the way… is photographer. 🙂

I believe the photographer is the special one, the chosen one to capture images, stories, and feelings with a single photograph of a split second in time.

Like the photograph above… Captured along Highway 2 in Eastern Washington. This simple piece of farm equipment felt old, it felt weathered by the wind, the snow, the sun, and time. I imagined the hands, legs, and brawn that work the farms with this equipment.

What is the story of this lost farm equipment?

How many live did this equipment feed through the years?

Who owned the equipment? Were they good people, hard workers, or were they living secret lives not to be told because maybe it was taboo?

Can you imagine these stories… do they inspire you some small way?

A photographer without patience and the willingness to practice may never see or feel the story behind the image. To make sure you as a dynamite photographer captures not only the picture but the feeling of time or story yo need to practice, practice, practice.

These are my two rules of good photography. The third rule is to repeat one and two over and over and over. Seek to share story and inspiration with all your work. Make it your personal mission.

You can purchase this Weathered Wheels fine art photograph by visiting my gallery. Prints start at $23.

I am still in pursuit of great photographs that share fascinating stories… even if they are imagined.

Do you have rules for photography. I would love to hear about your rules, or maybe you like these rules. Any way… tell me your thoughts. You can connect with me in the comments below or connect with me on my Facebook fan page.

I look forward to hearing from you. 😉



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