Solace in the Sky

peace and happiness, iPhone, iPhone photography, inspirationDo you ever want to just escape the world below, the chaos created by humans, and the lethargy of reason? I do. I do. I do.

High above that dirty and depressing world below you can escape through the clouds and into the heavens of blue. There are no terrorist living here. There are no crazed dictators or small men with big weapons living here. There are no racists in the clouds, only whisps of peace and solace.

Below… I am reminded of two character from a movie plot. It’s Dr. Evil, aka. Kim Jong-um and Austin Powers, aka. Donald Trump entangled in a battle to defeat each other only to drag the poor people along for this psychotic ride.

Turn away from the evil. Turn to the blue skies, the solace of peace above the clouds, and visual poetry to ease your eyes and mind.

I was out surfing other photographers today and found Lee. Swing by to see Lee’s Visual Poetry. Lee is a photography master… and I love that Pentax K-1000 in his hand. That was my first camera given to me by my father.

Every photo that scrolls by on Lee’s gallery engages your mind in thought and words about what you are viewing. Let you imagination go.

That’s all for today. Peace to you all.



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