12 Affirmations for the Photographers Soul

If you are anything like me… you have it in you to be a great photographer. You have it in you to be the kind of photographer that pursues the art with gusto and keeps trekking to find that perfect composition and photograph.

You have it deep with in your soul to capture stunning images of our breathtaking landscapes of the world, tall and interesting buildings or monuments, strife in the cities and streets of our world, people in the act of living, happiness or disaster, or even cool cars and trains. Photography drives you and it is ultimately your therapy for a happy life.

Personally… I am in search of the next million dollar photograph. The question remains: Will I find that million dollar moment and capture it? Time will tell, however I must remain steadfast on that journey and at times affirmations are just the thing to keep me going.

Affirmations help me stay aligned to the right mindset. The act as small, yet super powerful, vitamins for your mind.

The follow affirmations were create by me for you.

  1. I am a great photographer
  2. I am a world class master photographer
  3. I am a continuous learner from the photographic masters
  4. I am spot on with my perfect composition
  5. I am capturing million dollar images to inspire a generation
  6. I am wealthy because of my photography
  7. I am known to the world as an iconic photographer
  8. I am capturing photographic magic with my lens
  9. I am sharing and connecting with the world through my photography
  10. I am alway at the right place and time to capture a great photograph
  11. I am not only a learner but a humble teacher of my photographic art
  12. I am at ease with people while capturing their photo

It is my wish that you enjoy the process of photography and may luck strike you with that elusive photograph that captures the world’s imagination and possibility. Here is to sharing stories through your lens.



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