We are… American Strong!

I am very fortunate to live in Western Washington. We do not have to worry about hurricanes or tornados, however our disaster come in the form of sudden earthquakes, violent volcanic eruptions, yearly wild fires, and muddy earth that cracks slides without warning.

My prayers go out to the victims in Houston and those to come in Florida due to Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma. As Americans we will all come together to support and rebuild.

oso, pnw, memorial site, disaster, American strong

oso, pnw, memorial site, disaster, American strong

The image above is from OSO Washington. This was the location of the largest mud slide in American history. This sudden disaster buried and killed 47 people in March of 2014 after a heavy season of persistent rain.

More images from the mudslide here.

Today the site is planned for a memorial after the grounds are deemed stable and safe.

More than anything… we American hold victims of all disasters and cataclysmic events dear to our hearts. We feel. We support each other. We are strong!

Support those in need through donations at www.RedCross.org.