Humpy day on the Snohomish River

fishing, snohomish, river, landscape, aurora 2018 hdrSummer had come and the Humpy Salmon run was on. Loads of boats and fishermen laced the river in hopes of the big catch.

I did witness one gaggle of fishermen coming on shore with a string of large Humpy Salmon. So their catch was good and so was mine on this day.

This image was my catch… and a first as well.

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I used Aurora HDR 2018 as my HDR editing software. Just couple of quick observations. First, this software could serious take over your LightRoom use. Second, the processing time was longer than I liked. Third, I had to use LightRoom to remove CA as the Aurora 2018 HDR left a purple haze around the people in the boat. Probably could have adjusted this in Aurora. I will give it a try next time.

My overall observation was… not to shabby. I can see how this software may eliminate a few tools in your HDR cabinet now. 😉

Here are the before and after versions.

fishing, snohomish, river, landscape, aurora 2018 hdr

fishing, snohomish, river, landscape, aurora 2018 hdr

Equipment: Nikon D750 and AT-X 16-28mm f/2.8 Pro FX Lens for Nikon

Focal Length: 28mm

ISO: 100

F-Stop: f18

Speed: 1/40th of a second

Software and Plug-In:

Aurora HDR 2018

LightRoom 5



P.S. I choose and trust Photomatix Pro as my HDR editing software of choice. It is the Mercedes of HDR editing. Get Photomatix Pro here and enter ‘hdrbyspencer’ for a 15% discount.