Before and After: New Years Day on the Water

We were blessed with fantastic blue skies on New Years day 2018 in Seattle. Who could have asked for more. Perfect!! I bet those dudes out on there boat were having a blast and a great start to the New Year. My process was as follows for this image. Captured 5 … [Read more...]

7 Ideas for creating awesome photographs using HDR techniques

This was my very first HDR image I produced way back in 2010. I have become much better a creating awesome HDR images... primarily because I have used the seven ideas listed below to get better with my photography and my HDR editing process. I aptly named this scruffy old … [Read more...]

Humpy day on the Snohomish River

Summer had come and the Humpy Salmon run was on. Loads of boats and fishermen laced the river in hopes of the big catch. I did witness one gaggle of fishermen coming on shore with a string of large Humpy Salmon. So their catch was good and so was mine on this day. This … [Read more...]