iPhone Friday: T-Mobile Dreaming

It's week two of my HDR iPhone Friday!! This morning I found myself at Starbucks for my morning Grande Pike Roast. Directly across from the Starbucks is this fairly new T-Mobile store. The thing I love best about T-Mobile is the pink facade. Service... eh.... so so. Full … [Read more...]

Coca Cola on the Streets of St. Charles

The combination of old bricks, turn of the century advertising on those bricks, and famous brands of America and the world are a nice combination of AWESOME for my HDR photography. ;-) What do you like to shoot? Do you have a favorite subject or genre? I am particular … [Read more...]

Never doubt how good you really are

Today my post is not all about me. Today my post is all about another talented HDR photographer. So..... I was trolling through the search engines looking of other HDR photographer when stumbled upon this HDR blog. The photographer was talking about how he almost gave up … [Read more...]