Foot Long Corn Dogs at the Carnival

I love carnivals. They are a key piece of my memories from my younger days. My way younger days. Specifically I remember cotton candy, carmel corn, carnival games like ring toss, and my uncle who I recall worked at the ring toss game. He had a smock similar to those Home Depot … [Read more...]

Pike and First Avenue in Seattle

The city is always alive with nameless faces and souls traveling about. I wonder where all these people are headed, what is on their mind, and a curiosity about their story in life. Street photography is all about story. This image was captured at the corner of Pike and … [Read more...]

What is the definition of HDR photography?

HDR is an acronym for High Dynamic Range. Sue Chastain at Graphicsoft offers this definition: "High Dynamic Range, or HDR, is a digital photography technique whereby multiple exposures of the same scene are layered and merged using image editing software to create a more … [Read more...]