HDR Workflow: Craven Farms

This is one of my favorite spots in Snohomish Washington. Each year our family gathers under these trees to capture our family photos. This will be our 3rd annual gathering at this location. Buy Craven Farms and hang it in your favorite space Aside from the family photos under … [Read more...]

Rocking out on the Streets of Seattle

I went incognito on the Streets of Seattle with my Nikon D600 and 50mm 1.4 prime lens to capture some awesome people doing awesome things in the city. This gentleman playing his guitar and smoking a cigarette at the corner of Pike and First Avenue jolted me to a halt. I … [Read more...]

Foot Long Corn Dogs at the Carnival

I love carnivals. They are a key piece of my memories from my younger days. My way younger days. Specifically I remember cotton candy, carmel corn, carnival games like ring toss, and my uncle who I recall worked at the ring toss game. He had a smock similar to those Home Depot … [Read more...]