7 Ideas for creating awesome photographs using HDR techniques

This was my very first HDR image I produced way back in 2010. I have become much better a creating awesome HDR images... primarily because I have used the seven ideas listed below to get better with my photography and my HDR editing process. I aptly named this scruffy old … [Read more...]

12 health and safety essentials to carry on any adventure hike and photoshoot

Hiking into remote places to capture awesome photographs does not come without possible hazards, risks, and personal dangers. This includes area of the Pacific Northwest, deserts of the Southwest, Rocky Mountains, Appalachians, and Everglades, plus more. Personally I have … [Read more...]

8 stupid simple tips for great HDR photography

Tips. Rules. Guideline. And MORE tips, rules, and guidelines across the Internet. Surely you can throw a dart and hit thousands of website and blogs sharing something. So why are my TIPS so important? Shhh.... They are not... except that I put some feeling into my tips. So … [Read more...]