HDR Workflow: Craven Farms

This is one of my favorite spots in Snohomish Washington. Each year our family gathers under these trees to capture our family photos. This will be our 3rd annual gathering at this location. Buy Craven Farms and hang it in your favorite space Aside from the family photos under … [Read more...]

7 key benefits to help sell your art on Fine Art America

Dan Kosmayer of Kozzi Images asked in a blog post, “Have you had any experience with Fine Art America?” That question got me to thinking about my personal experience with Fine Art America. It has been all positive. I have identified 7 reasons for my love of Fine Art … [Read more...]

Take your HDR photography to the next level

It was simple decision that changed the course of my photography. That decision was to be more intentional about my craft and to move to the next level of create stunning HDR photographs. These are the steps I took. 1. I got a mentor - Serge Ramelli is one photography … [Read more...]