McDonald Creek inside Glacier National Park

Oh man... there is nothing more beautiful then Montana. Words that spring into my mind are pristine, stunning, glorious, majestic, and best of nature across the globe. And the word that sums it all up... WOW!! Just WOW!! If you have never had the opportunity to visit … [Read more...]

Compliments act to inspire the artist

Fine Art America serves two purposes for me and I am sure for thousands and thousands of artists who use this website. First, you can upload you art and place it for sale if you like. Fine Art America will do most of the web marketing for you and drive art buyers to your work … [Read more...]

Days End on the Lake at Glacier National Park

I found this lone man standing along the shore... watching, maybe reflecting on his day... life. The moment felt powerful and bigger than life. One human in a great big world and alone for that moment in time through the whole galaxy. Wow! Have you ever had a moment like … [Read more...]