Seeking 2 Elite Real Estate Professionals

Business is booming... No matter the naysayers who told me that homes were selling so fast that real estate professionals did not need to include "high end" photography to their marketing efforts. I respectfully disagree! I believe the difference in your average "run of … [Read more...]

The Master Suite in Neon

It's been a nice break... and now... I'm back. The weather has cleared up. Winter is behind us. Rain, snow, wind, and flooding are in rear view window. I had been deprived on my outdoor photography for an extended amount of time this year. Not any more. This year I plan to … [Read more...]

The story of a real estate photoshoot and how I survived

Let me share with you a little story of real estate photography. It was a Sunday just prior to noon. My iPhone maps app indicated "snow." I wondered... would the agent call me and say the weather is too dire to show up today? No!! The phone never rang. I pressed on east on … [Read more...]