The story of a real estate photoshoot and how I survived

Let me share with you a little story of real estate photography. It was a Sunday just prior to noon. My iPhone maps app indicated "snow." I wondered... would the agent call me and say the weather is too dire to show up today? No!! The phone never rang. I pressed on east on … [Read more...]

Before and After: Quaint State Route 2 Home

Maps on iPhone said the weather was to be cold, yet sunny. I headed out for a real estate photoshoot along Highway 2 near mile marker 21. A warning sign flashed as I drove through Monroe stating that snow chains were required at mile marker 54. And it was going to be just … [Read more...]

Shoot Better Real Estate Photos Using the Kelvin System

Kelvins?! What the heck are those? I just point and shoot in Auto from my white balance. Um... WRONG!!! If you are charging money for your work with Realtors you better be giving them your best. And I gotta say, your best is not to simply shoot your white balance on … [Read more...]