I got crabs in Seattle

Hey now!!! I've arrived back to the land of the living from a major cold or possibly the flu. It was horrendous. So... after feeling better I got out with my sister who was in town for our cousins funeral and my gorgeous wife. We pursued the Pike Place Market, walked the … [Read more...]

Tourists at the Seattle Gum Wall

The City of Seattle is rich in street photography opportunities. I love capturing the hustle and bustle of tourist exploring the gum wall located in Post Alley just below the Seattle Public Market; AKA Pike Place Market. At the market you will find the Famous Fish Market as … [Read more...]

Seattle street musician with a violin

I love getting lost among the inhabitants and artists of the city with my camera. These street musicians playing at the Seattle Public Market are amazingly talented. There is something very beautiful about seeing and hearing their gifts they give to complete strangers at the … [Read more...]