Union and Seventh in Seattle

I tend to shoot a lot of Seattle. Most of my work comes from Pike Place Market and the vicinity around Western and Second Avenue. So... I went out of my element and trekked five extra blocks up Union to Freeway Park. Freeway Park runs along I-5 and creates a natural noise … [Read more...]

The original Starbucks on Western Avenue in Seattle

The Original Starbucks on Western in Seattle It was a hot summer day in Seattle. Large crowds of tourists had gathered out front of the original Starbucks location on Western Avenue just across from Pike Place Market. They were enjoying the music out front. The market place … [Read more...]

Take your HDR photography to the next level

It was simple decision that changed the course of my photography. That decision was to be more intentional about my craft and to move to the next level of create stunning HDR photographs. These are the steps I took. 1. I got a mentor - Serge Ramelli is one photography … [Read more...]