11 cool coffee facts and snarky comments

Jasneet Singh brings us an interesting and surprising list of very cool coffee facts. I have share them below with my own commentary to follow each cool fact. Drinking coffee can help you burn fat. Studies have shown that caffeine increases metabolism which can help in … [Read more...]

Cravings lead to habits that lead to Facebook, Twitter, and even Starbucks

So... I was watching a young dude sit on the curb just outside a local Quiznos restaurant in my neck of the woods. This dudes rhythmic movement was almost hypnotic. In his right hand was a lit cigarette. His arm extended straight out and locked at the elbow while supported by … [Read more...]

The original Starbucks on Western Avenue in Seattle

The Original Starbucks on Western in Seattle It was a hot summer day in Seattle. Large crowds of tourists had gathered out front of the original Starbucks location on Western Avenue just across from Pike Place Market. They were enjoying the music out front. The market place … [Read more...]