Coca Cola on the Streets of St. Charles

The combination of old bricks, turn of the century advertising on those bricks, and famous brands of America and the world are a nice combination of AWESOME for my HDR photography. ;-) What do you like to shoot? Do you have a favorite subject or genre? I am particular … [Read more...]

Cherry Blossoms on Hoyt Avenue

I was out walking around this North Everett neighborhood and was grabbed by the beautiful cherry blossoms. They only come out for a short period of time and when they do you know three things... It's spring time in the Pacific Northwest Expect the hibernation from winter … [Read more...]

Life is a choice… choose wisely.

I live and play in Snohomish, Washington. It is a nice town with a rich history of logging mills and hard working Americans. Often these men worked long days, did dangerous and manual labor, but always were responsible to their families and those that provided their living... … [Read more...]