Dawn on Bainbridge Island

Winter has been long here in the Pacific Northwest. We have had relentless rain, snow, and generally cold yucky weather. The weather has not been conducive to photography. This past weekend my wife and I got out to Bainbridge Island and the weather totally surprised us. We were … [Read more...]

Inside Coors Brewery at Golden Colorado

A couple of years back I was lucky enough to visit the Coors Brewery at Golden Colorado. We were able to take an "inside the factory" tour of this historic place. Our tour guide started with a safety briefing. Then she gave us steel toed over the toe gear to add to our tennis … [Read more...]

Topaz… My Favorite Plug-In

I am a raving fan of Topaz products. My favorite Topaz plug-in is Topaz DeNoise. Simply could not live without this awesome plug-in in my toolbox of post processing necessities. Recently, I added Topaz Glow to my plug-in collection. You can do so many cool things with … [Read more...]