Screensavers from along Highway 2 in Eastern Washington

It was the perfect day for landscape photography. The fields were in bloom with Canola and the farmers were tilling the hills for the coming wheat harvest. The colors present on this day were green wheat... not yet ready, yellow canola fields in bloom, and brown dirt freshly … [Read more...]

Dawn on Bainbridge Island

Winter has been long here in the Pacific Northwest. We have had relentless rain, snow, and generally cold yucky weather. The weather has not been conducive to photography. This past weekend my wife and I got out to Bainbridge Island and the weather totally surprised us. We were … [Read more...]

Everett High School 2017

Sunday... As I woke up snow was falling from the sky and the air was super chilly. And the good news from my iPhone read "snow turning to rain." There was no fear today. Out the door I went. I dashed through the slim line of snow on our street and out into the brisk morning … [Read more...]