This is my photography story

HDR photographer, Landscape photographer, Street photographer, Real Estate photographerI got into photography almost by accident.

My wife bought me a Nikon N70 camera several years before I ever picked it up. That camera collected dust on a shelf always reminding me of my father. He was an excellent and professional photographer and a super bad example of a father.

So… that camera sat on my book shelf reminding me of past painful memories about my father. It was like pure torture to see that camera and those memories.

And for some odd and magnetic reason I loved to look at that Nikon on my bookshelf every now and then but never touched it or used it.

Then one day… I was super stressed out at work. I got up one Saturday morning and told my wife I was taking off for the weekend and would be home on Sunday. In my hand was that Nikon, which represented bad memories of my father.

That was the moment I realized the camera in my hand represented all things good and evil in and for my life. The camera would become my everything for conquering my demons, my past life, and work stress.

I came home on Sunday after driving to odd places without a plan (woods of the Pacific Northwest) so refreshed, smiling, and felt at ease with life. And that camera and that weekend did it.

I was absolutely hooked on photography. From the inside out I felt better. Others could see a new smile on my face and happier attitude. All this created by capturing and sharing the beauty of the Pacific Northwest through my lens.

My joy… my connection happened when I was able to share my beauty with family, friends, and people of all walks of life from around the globe. By staying focused and intentional with my photography I am living stress free and happy. And I know my joy and happiness transfers to others through the art created via my lens.

Photography is the lifetime thing I keep. Please check out my gallery if you like.