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Meditation in the Woods

meditation, lake samish, bellingham, woods, stream, river, water, quiet

Sometimes life calls for a break… a moment to slow down, a moment to stop the noise in your life, and simply meditate.

Just ten minutes alone in the woods where there are no car noises, no trains rolling down the tracks, or the noise of the city running through your mind and stealing your good thoughts and peace will renew your inner batteries of life.

Meditation in the Woods

Have you found your deep and quiet woods to get lost in and renew your energy to take on the world?

Life is a choice… choose wisely.

snohomish, homeless, snohomish homeless, bridge, trolls under the bridge

I live and play in Snohomish, Washington. It is a nice town with a rich history of logging mills and hard working Americans. Often these men worked long days, did dangerous and manual labor, but always were responsible to their families and those that provided their living… their employers.

Today… Snohomish offers a great down town center with good restaurants, boutique shops, and a few antique stores. Those antiques stores are beginning to disappear as the times change. I have seen a couple of wine tasting stores pop up and even a Harley Davidson store.

This brings me to this photo… It’s not for sale, but you can see more of my awesome images at www.one23images.com.

snohomish, homeless, snohomish homeless, under the bridge, graffiti

A place where the underbelly of Snohomish exist. Under a bridge riddled with hate, words penned by victims, and dirt masquerading as bedding for the homeless and depleted.

We all get to make choices. Choose right… choose reponsibility and chances are you get rewarded with good food and decent shelter. Choose to be a victim and you get life under this bridge.

What will be your choice?

Will you be a troll on society… a wandering and invisible nobody, or…

Will you be noticed, be responsible, be productive, and be happy!!

I choose the later and I hope you have as well.

Inside Coors Brewery at Golden Colorado

coors, beer, brewery, golden colorado, american, keystone beer

A couple of years back I was lucky enough to visit the Coors Brewery at Golden Colorado. We were able to take an “inside the factory” tour of this historic place.

Our tour guide started with a safety briefing. Then she gave us steel toed over the toe gear to add to our tennis shoes… for safety of course. We were issued safety glasses, a bright yellow vest, and really sexy hard hat. Next we headed out to see it all.

This was no typical factory. Coors had many levels, stairs, dark hallways, and one could get lost super easy if they were left alone. Lucky I was connected at the hip with other so that we did not get disconnected from one another or lost in a dark hallway.

Eventually we made our way to what I will call the “control room.” We were able to stop and look out the windows at the copper brew barrels and one of the can lines. In the iPhone photo you will see this is the Keystone beer line.

coors, beer, brewery, golden colorado, american, keystone beer

I hope you enjoy this iPhone image from deep inside the Coors Brewery at Golden Colorado. It feels very surreal and American.