12 health and safety essentials to carry on any adventure hike and photoshoot

Hiking into remote places to capture awesome photographs does not come without possible hazards, risks, and personal dangers. This includes area of the Pacific Northwest, deserts of the Southwest, Rocky Mountains, Appalachians, and Everglades, plus more. Personally I have … [Read more...]

McDonald Creek inside Glacier National Park

Oh man... there is nothing more beautiful then Montana. Words that spring into my mind are pristine, stunning, glorious, majestic, and best of nature across the globe. And the word that sums it all up... WOW!! Just WOW!! If you have never had the opportunity to visit … [Read more...]

Meet me in St. Louis

One of the highlights of the year was my trip to St. Louis. I was lucky enough to get a company paid trip and took full advantage of my stay. I extended my days by three and had the opportunity to stroll the down town streets of St. Louis and St. Charles, … [Read more...]