Nuclear Joe

Purchase Nuclear Joe HERE Relax... it's over. No, not the end of the world due to a nuclear attack. Christmas is over. All the gifts that you carefully selected, wrapped up nice with a pretty bow, and slid gently under your Christmas tree are now memories. The ripping, … [Read more...]

Lima Locomotives at Sammamish Washington

Got out to Sammamish to see the old railroad locomotives and box cars. It was awesome! When you get to the boneyard of trains there is a chain link fence all around. This prevents ease access to touching these old relics and it poses harsh conditions for wonderful photographs. … [Read more...]

5 key principles to become a successful photographer

I found this 35mph speed limit sign interesting. It represents rules and limits for the road. The speed limit sign is there to remind you to be safe. So, as I pondered the sign and this photograph I thought about photography rules being similar to this speed limit sign. The … [Read more...]