Humpy day on the Snohomish River

Summer had come and the Humpy Salmon run was on. Loads of boats and fishermen laced the river in hopes of the big catch. I did witness one gaggle of fishermen coming on shore with a string of large Humpy Salmon. So their catch was good and so was mine on this day. This … [Read more...]

Canoe at Dry Lake Washington

It was a wonderful day. I was looking for the Dry Lake Visitors Center and found Dry Lake instead. That is what happens when you don't pay attention to the signs on the road and turn off early. Anyway, a misstep in the trip turned into a wonderful find. This is a canoe that … [Read more...]

Talent is meant to be used

Buy "Montana Outboard" and add to your favorite home or office space. Talent... It is one of those things most of us are born with and discover along the way through life. Some find it early on. Some find it later in life. Some never find it. When and if you find your … [Read more...]