San Luis Reservoir in Central California

The San Luis Reservoir is an artificial lake on San Luis Creek in the eastern slopes of the Diablo Range of Merced County, California. It is the fifth largest reservoir in California. On my travels back to San Jose from Fresno I took a pit stop and did some exploring. What … [Read more...]

Public Restroom Grunge

We all have an artistic flare deep inside of us. Some find it sooner, some later, and some die with their art in their soul. Those who never uncover their art is truly tragic. On occasion I like to get out to the grunge of the city and capture urban bliss. This urban bliss … [Read more...]

Drama in the San Joaquin Valley

Last Sunday I had the opportunity to drive from Clovis back to San Jose California to grab my flight back to Seattle. The distance is about 165 miles and the drive takes roughly three hours if you have the peddle to metal. This Sunday I was more interested in meandering back … [Read more...]