Blue Sky Honey in Eastern Washington

Purchase Blue Sky Honey for your favorite space. It has been nothing but RAIN, RAIN, RAIN, and then more RAIN lately in the Pacific Northwest. I am starting to feel waterlogged and absolutely ready to go stir crazy. My first inclination is the run outside under dark grey … [Read more...]

3 key rules for good photography

I believe we are here with a purpose attached to our soul. Some peoples' purpose come in the form of writer, actor, poet, painter, sculptor, musician, movie maker, and even engineer. But the best purpose of all... and I am tainted by the way... is photographer. :-) I … [Read more...]

Screensavers from along Highway 2 in Eastern Washington

It was the perfect day for landscape photography. The fields were in bloom with Canola and the farmers were tilling the hills for the coming wheat harvest. The colors present on this day were green wheat... not yet ready, yellow canola fields in bloom, and brown dirt freshly … [Read more...]