Padilla Bay in Anacortes Washington

Sure... there are beautiful sunrises from Florida, or Sunsets from Hawaii... but did you know the most beautiful landscapes in America are located in the Pacific Northwest? Yes they are! This beautiful Padilla Bay landscape photograph was captured at Bay View State Park near … [Read more...]

Screensavers from along Highway 2 in Eastern Washington

It was the perfect day for landscape photography. The fields were in bloom with Canola and the farmers were tilling the hills for the coming wheat harvest. The colors present on this day were green wheat... not yet ready, yellow canola fields in bloom, and brown dirt freshly … [Read more...]

The Neon Glow of a Cascade River

Up the long bumpy road we drove. Past mudslides and thick woods. Into streams and raging rivers we stood. To capture pure gold in pixels... just for you!! Enjoy my friends. An image that glows. … [Read more...]