Smokey Skies over the City

The skies of Western Washington are filled with smoke from the Wild fires in British Columbia right now. It reminds me of living in Southern California with Smoggy skies and alerts. This iPhone photo was captured on the Tulalip Indian reservation pointed into the sun and … [Read more...]

Introducing… HDR iPhone Friday!

Introducing... HDR iPhone Friday!! Allow me to do some splaining. I am looking for some pure fun in my photography. Maybe something a bit off center from traditional stuff. Each Friday between now and the end of 2017 I will capture one random snap shot from somewhere I am … [Read more...]

Living like a Millennial on Chinese and Uber Eats

I was the walking dead this morning. Like a feral zombie formed by a night of dining, dancing, drinking, and delving too deep into an overload of carbs. My head on fire with streaks of pain and two Tylenol acting as fire fighters to extinguish the burning flames raging though my … [Read more...]