Finding my happiness through the therapy of photography

Lets be honest and very personal. When the world pressed down on me with obligations and moments of fear I turned to my photography as my therapy for a better life. I turn to images from California that seem to brighten my heart and increase my smile. When hope vanished … [Read more...]

2nd Floor Pub in Huntington Beach California

This year I was fortunate to get to some really cool places... including the 2nd Floor in Huntington Beach, California. Beyond this I made it to other California beach locations, Colorado, Denver, and Garden of the Gods, Montana, Glacier National Park, and many outstanding … [Read more...]

Cool waves at Bolsa Chica State Beach

Staring out into the blue water of the Pacific Ocean at Bolsa Chica State Beach. This beach is located along Pacific Coast Highway and is located between Sunset Beach and Huntington Beach. As a teen I spent many days running on the hot sand and cooling off in the surf. The nice … [Read more...]