Screensavers from along Highway 2 in Eastern Washington

It was the perfect day for landscape photography. The fields were in bloom with Canola and the farmers were tilling the hills for the coming wheat harvest. The colors present on this day were green wheat... not yet ready, yellow canola fields in bloom, and brown dirt freshly … [Read more...]

New Journey Up a Cascade Mountain Road

On this journey I was seeking out great places to capture the beauty of the Northwest that most never see. First... let me explain the journey. It was a dirt road. It was one lane both directions... going up and coming down the hazardous and muddy road. The hazards were giant … [Read more...]

Before and After: This Old School House

A Stunning old and abandoned structure. When it was useful it was a school house. A captured 5 frames (-2, -1, 0, +1, +2). This is the first nominal frame. Merged all 5 into one dynamic final HDR image... with a twist using my SleekLens Forever Thine wedding portrait … [Read more...]