In pursuit of my million dollar photograph

For 2015 I set four very specific goals. One gigantic stretch goal for my photography mission this year is to capture my million dollar photograph. Master photographer Peter Lik is now the six million dollar man when it come to selling his work. Mr. Lik sold "Phantom" for a … [Read more...]

Christmas Tree Farm in Snohomish Washington

Here it comes again.... Christmas! Are you ready. Let's talk about what ready means. It does not mean ready because you have made a list of gifts to buy or even started buying already. Ready means giving. Are your ready to give first and expect nothing physical in return. You … [Read more...]

Skykomish River at Sunrise

Purchase Skykomish River Sunrise for your cabin or special space today. The little town of Skykomish was once a booming mecca of logging and railroad activity. Plenty of jobs could be had around the turn of the century. BNSF railroad activity still exists today. On any day you … [Read more...]