Compliments act to inspire the artist

Fine Art America serves two purposes for me and I am sure for thousands and thousands of artists who use this website. First, you can upload you art and place it for sale if you like. Fine Art America will do most of the web marketing for you and drive art buyers to your work … [Read more...]

There ARE bears at Glacier National Park

Several people warned us about going into the wood, down to the river, or hiking without bear spray. We listened!! On our trip to Glacier we did not encounter any bears. We did encounter a freak storm with thunder and lightening and yet... no bears. However, we were prepared … [Read more...]

Talent is meant to be used

Buy "Montana Outboard" and add to your favorite home or office space. Talent... It is one of those things most of us are born with and discover along the way through life. Some find it early on. Some find it later in life. Some never find it. When and if you find your … [Read more...]