Before and After: Walking out of Post Alley

Most of my city street shots are single shots converted into 3 exposure HDR images. This is just one of those Streets of Seattle captures pointed at random people walking out of Post Alley below the Seattle Public Market. This is my RAW image before post processing. The … [Read more...]

I got crabs in Seattle

Hey now!!! I've arrived back to the land of the living from a major cold or possibly the flu. It was horrendous. So... after feeling better I got out with my sister who was in town for our cousins funeral and my gorgeous wife. We pursued the Pike Place Market, walked the … [Read more...]

Famous Fish at Pike Place Market Photo Op

It was a busy day at the Pike Place Market... specifically around the Famous Fish kiosk. Tourist gathered and watching the fish be thrown. This image was created a single shot recreated virtually into 3 separate images. Each exposure adjusted as follows. (-1.5, 0, … [Read more...]