The View from Historic Capital Hill Boulevard

It was a beautiful day!! As a matter of fact... any day alive is a beautiful day. It's all how you choose to take the day. I say... choose beauty. This is a view from the historic Seattle neighborhood of Capital Hill. I discovered new parks, secret staircases located just off … [Read more...]

Seattle Cityscape from Kerry Park

That dark sky over the City of Seattle is reason enough "why" many in the Northwest are addicted to Vitamin D. We need it to stave off the depression from low to no sunlight in the winter months. And when the sun shines... All memories of depression or low Vitamin D in our … [Read more...]

From Kerry Park with Love Seattle Style

It took me a bit of time just walking around Kerry Park to find the perfect composition. At last I think I found it. Just loved the billboard of a light pole to highlight the grunge side of Seattle. In some small way it feels quite apropos. And to suggest that Kerry Park is … [Read more...]