Seeking 2 Elite Real Estate Professionals

Business is booming... No matter the naysayers who told me that homes were selling so fast that real estate professionals did not need to include "high end" photography to their marketing efforts. I respectfully disagree! I believe the difference in your average "run of … [Read more...]

Rock Star Real Estate Photography from Darrington Washington

The drive to this quaint home in Darrington Washington was beautiful. You could ask for no more beautiful scenery than that present along Highway 530. My travels from Snohomish Washington to this oversized 4 bedroom home sitting on 10 city lots and surrounded by mountain peaks … [Read more...]

7 Simple Steps to Excellence in Real Estate Photography

Like a good Boy Scout... always be prepared. Prior to setting out on the road to do any real estate photography there are a few "must do" items to check off the list. Why?? Because you never know what could go wrong while on location shooting. And you certainly don't … [Read more...]