Humpy day on the Snohomish River

Summer had come and the Humpy Salmon run was on. Loads of boats and fishermen laced the river in hopes of the big catch. I did witness one gaggle of fishermen coming on shore with a string of large Humpy Salmon. So their catch was good and so was mine on this day. This … [Read more...]

Meditation in the Woods

Sometimes life calls for a break... a moment to slow down, a moment to stop the noise in your life, and simply meditate. Just ten minutes alone in the woods where there are no car noises, no trains rolling down the tracks, or the noise of the city running through your mind and … [Read more...]

New Journey Up a Cascade Mountain Road

On this journey I was seeking out great places to capture the beauty of the Northwest that most never see. First... let me explain the journey. It was a dirt road. It was one lane both directions... going up and coming down the hazardous and muddy road. The hazards were giant … [Read more...]