3 Abandoned School Houses of Douglas County in Washington

If you are interested in some cool travel photography opportunities, then Douglas County in Washington State offers three very cool abandoned school houses. Highland school house Pixley school house Lamoine school house Beyond abandoned school houses there are many … [Read more...]

Before and After: Abandoned School House

My favorite abandoned structure along Highway 2 west of Coulee City. I love the tagged interior, extra moldy recliner, and remnants of youthful disrespect for such a historic school house abandoned to progress. This photo was captured on a tripod and included 5 frames at … [Read more...]

Abandoned School House in Eastern Washington

Abandoned and simply astonishing!! Any landscape photographers dream shot!! I have driven by this old and abandoned school house multiple times. This one remains my most favorite abandoned structure in Eastern Washington to date. This is a part of my NEW Limited Edition … [Read more...]