Famous Fish at Pike Place Market Photo Op

It was a busy day at the Pike Place Market... specifically around the Famous Fish kiosk. Tourist gathered and watching the fish be thrown. This image was created a single shot recreated virtually into 3 separate images. Each exposure adjusted as follows. (-1.5, 0, … [Read more...]

Seattle street musician with a violin

I love getting lost among the inhabitants and artists of the city with my camera. These street musicians playing at the Seattle Public Market are amazingly talented. There is something very beautiful about seeing and hearing their gifts they give to complete strangers at the … [Read more...]

Post Alley in Seattle Washington

It is always an adventure traveling into the iconic heart of Seattle... Pike Place Market and Post Alley. So much rich and iconic culture from the Pacific Northwest. These two locations are my home away from home. I have been heard saying "If I ever go missing you will find me … [Read more...]