Before and After: Dramatic Seattle Skyline

This is my RAW image straight out of the camera from Kerry Park near Capital Hill in Seattle. Final image processed in classic black and white. You can purchase Seattle Skyline here. This was not an easy image to process. Total processing time was around an hour and … [Read more...]

Seattle Space Needle

The Seattle Space Needle is an observation tower that was constructed at the Seattle Center for the 1962 World's Fair. Take the 605 foot elevator ride to the deck above. You will be able to walk around and check out the stunning city views. You can also get bite to eat at the … [Read more...]

Seattle Cityscape from Kerry Park

That dark sky over the City of Seattle is reason enough "why" many in the Northwest are addicted to Vitamin D. We need it to stave off the depression from low to no sunlight in the winter months. And when the sun shines... All memories of depression or low Vitamin D in our … [Read more...]