iPhone Friday: T-Mobile Dreaming

It's week two of my HDR iPhone Friday!! This morning I found myself at Starbucks for my morning Grande Pike Roast. Directly across from the Starbucks is this fairly new T-Mobile store. The thing I love best about T-Mobile is the pink facade. Service... eh.... so so. Full … [Read more...]

The Accidental Street Photographer

I was enamored with the list of HOT active street photographers I found at the Street Hunters website. You must stop by and see their list of 10. Most are outstanding. Especially see the work of Boogie. Awesome and dangerous stuff. So.... I decided to get my own street … [Read more...]

5 things to do at your local Starbucks in the City

As stated many times on my blog post... I absolutely love the people, culture, products, and complete Starbucks brand. Some may argue, but I believe any Starbucks store to be a sanctuary where you sit, think, and enjoy coffee or mocha, and relax for a moment. Buy "Starbucks in … [Read more...]