Compliments act to inspire the artist

Fine Art America serves two purposes for me and I am sure for thousands and thousands of artists who use this website. First, you can upload you art and place it for sale if you like. Fine Art America will do most of the web marketing for you and drive art buyers to your work … [Read more...]

Sunrise on Puget Sound

For two straight days it poured down rain. Dark gray clouds blocked any blue sky or sun. It was the typical Northwest day on the Puget Sound from Camano Island. Then on the third day of my trip the clouds broke, the rain went east, and the sun rose in spectacular glory. I … [Read more...]

Sunrise on the Snohomish River

I risked it. Hoped the sun would shine and the rain would disappear. Well, I got half of my wish. The rain held off and the sun never really got started. You can see it trying at sunrise in the distance. Clouds acted to thwart a full blown brilliant sunrise. Anyway, I love … [Read more...]