Post Alley in Seattle Washington

It is always an adventure traveling into the iconic heart of Seattle... Pike Place Market and Post Alley. So much rich and iconic culture from the Pacific Northwest. These two locations are my home away from home. I have been heard saying "If I ever go missing you will find me … [Read more...]

Public Restroom Grunge

We all have an artistic flare deep inside of us. Some find it sooner, some later, and some die with their art in their soul. Those who never uncover their art is truly tragic. On occasion I like to get out to the grunge of the city and capture urban bliss. This urban bliss … [Read more...]

My photography goals for 2016

It is that time of the year again... New Years resolutions, goals, and declarations. And these are my goals in 2016 for this blog and my photography business. Recently I wrote a blog article related to finding your "essential message." I engaged in exactly what I wrote about … [Read more...]