The DJI Phantom 4 Pro is pure performance

I had just upgraded from my Yuneek Q500+ to my new DJI Phantom 4 Pro+... and I needed some practice prior to my upcoming real estate shoot in Monroe WA. Near the Everett Washington Marina I found this quiet and uninhabited cove of sand and washed up tree branches. The perfect … [Read more...]

Meditation in the Woods

Sometimes life calls for a break... a moment to slow down, a moment to stop the noise in your life, and simply meditate. Just ten minutes alone in the woods where there are no car noises, no trains rolling down the tracks, or the noise of the city running through your mind and … [Read more...]

From the Everett Marina with Love

This is a photograph of the Everett Washington marina while we were partaking of a fresh crab feed. When I say "fresh" I mean fresh. The guys had just come in from crabbing, cleaned, and cooked the crab. It was fantastic. You can't get that in Missouri. I snuck away and … [Read more...]