Beautiful! You are without doubt a master in Photography now.. Your talent is endless, full of the wonders of the eye and the natural world.. Gorgeous!!!

~ Kevin Craft

montana, boat rental, sunrise, lake mcdonald

I just placed an order and can’t wait for the print to arrive! I also gave you a “shout out” on my Facebook page. 

~Tara Adolfson

Just “happened upon” your web page today. Absolutely love your work, it’s the type of art I love most. Puget Sound & Oregon Coast

Thank you, and I’m sure I’ll be ordering something in the near future.

~ Dottie Goldsmith

Happy to invest in art from someone of your talent. I can’t wait to hang this. My wife and I used to take breaks together on the steps of the PDA office in Post Alley. Your picture conjures up a lot of memories. I actually used to live in the market too.

~Jeff Serafini

I absolutely love your art work, having lived in the Seattle area for 42 years. You capture the beauty in a way that makes me want one of every print.

~Susan Foster

I just checked out your portfolio and I wanted to say that you have some great photos there! I can really tell you put a lot of feeling and effort into your photography.

~Alissa Everett



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