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Are you on track to crush your goals?

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Photography is a fun, relaxing, mindful, peace enabling, soul renewal, personal, hobby, and/or a serious business.

I would love to hear how you use your photography.

No matter… the context of hobby, escape, or serious business I believe you need to have goals, a plan, and take massive action to bring your art to life in digital pixels or on print.

My goal this year was to shoot 50 real estate listings and grow my client base by 10. This year I have done 12 photoshoots and added 2 new clients to my base. I am behind schedule on achieving my goals.

Have you seen my newest website for my “High end real estate photography.” Take a look and offer me some good feedback. Thank you.

And there are several reasons for being behind. Each one is just an excuse. A way to appease myself for my failure to absolutely hit my targets. In the end I can pull it out, go like a banshee, and exceed my target.

It’s all about mindset. It’s all about mindset. It’s all about mindset.

To help with mindset I believe we need a mentor, trusted friend, or coach who kicks our ass to push us up the hill to achievement of our goals. Most of us need that push… wouldn’t you agree?

That is why I have decide to take up Gary Ryan Blair on his 100-day challenge to reset, re-engage, and achieve my biggest goals this year and over the next 5 year. I encourage you to take this journey with me.

Gary Ryan Blair is the real deal. He’s the guy the Navy SEALs and countless professional athletes go to when they need to improve their execution.

So today is your lucky day!! Today is the day you look in the mirror and be totally honest with yourself. If you are off plan… decide to get back on plan and crush it, to 10X your life. Do it for you. Do it for your family. Do it because it matters deep down in your soul. Choose to leave your legacy in photography, art, life, or business. Accept the 100-day challenge.

The photo above is your cue to set sail for your destination in life. Choose right now to accept his challenge along with me. Let’s go get what is rightfully ours and stop letting fear run or lives. We are so much more then we are being today.  Accept the 100-day challenge.

Before and After: WSU 2017

It was nearly summer and all the student had gone home to ask Mom and Dad for more beer money. That was our lucky break as tourist. No students to contend with or degrade the purity of my WSU images.

This was a 3 bracketed shot facing the Palouse. You can see a sliver of the Palouse in the distance.

Nominal exposure before post processing.

wsu, washington state university, palouse, campus

3 brackets merged into one HDR images.

wsu, washington state university, palouse, campus

Buy Washington State University for your office or home

Please enjoy this view of WSU. This is such a beautiful campus and tucked so far away from the dirt and grime of a big city. WSU is located in Pullman, WA and is a part of the PAC-12.

I left my heart in St. Louis

Not literally…

No! What I left was my Nikon D600. My friend. My pal. My source of beauty in digital pixels. Gone on too soon.

My D600 had been to Souel Korea, several cities in Japan, Canada, Washington (all over), Oregon, Idaho, California, and most recently Missouri. The photo above is one of the last processed images from my old friend.

I noticed a wicked dark streak appearing in the sky of the last few photoshoots. It looked like skid marks in the upper left quadrant of the photo that just seemed to catch the eye and rendered the photos not quite good enough. I am very picky and too much of a perfectionist to allow this to continue.

My alternative was to keep shooting or go immediately to the nearest camera store and pick up either a D75o or D500. I chose the D750.

Sure the D500 might have a slight edge… but only the salesman would know that. The person seeing your images could not tell a D500 capture from D750 capture. I would put money on that!

Here is the low down on the D750…

Cost was $1999 with a $500 instant rebate, plus a trade-in value on my D600 of  $475. Final investment… just north of $1100. That is a smoking deal. And in 5 real estate photoshoots I will have this one paid off.

By the way… stop by to see my new real estate photography site.

KenRockwell.com always has awesome camera and lens reviews. Make sure to stop by to read up on what you need. For now… here is a decent intro review of the Nikon D750

The Nikon D750 is a remarkable camera. It’s Nikon’s lightest FX camera other than the Df, and offers fantastic AF performance and image quality in any light. It focuses and just shoots in any light. Shots at ISO 12,800 look almost identical to ISO 100!

The Nikon D750 also adds a flipping LCD — the world’s first full-frame DSLR with a flippy screen.

The D750 has the same autofocus and metering technology as the D4S and the D810. Actually, it might be better because it’s an even newer CAM 3500FX II AF module, and it’s specified to work down to LV -3 while the others are only specified down to LV -2.

At 6.5 FPS, the D750 is also the world’s fastest full-frame DSLR short of the $6,500 D4S.

The D750 has built-in Wi-Fi and a S-t-e-r-e-O microphone for video.

Whenever anyone packs this much large-format image quality into such a small package, I’m all over it! The D750’s 24MP is enough for astounding mural-sized images without size limits if your lenses and technique are good enough, and the D750 is small and compact. 24 MP is astounding if you know what you’re doing. If you do, mural-sized prints look spectacular. If you don’t, no camera is going to fix that.

Here is one of the first captures from my new Nikon D750. I am a happy camper and I know my clients will be just as happy!!

This is a small cottage stuffed between to behemoth buildings in historic St. Charles, MO., on Main Street.

Make sure you stay connect to my blog and come by to visit my gallery. I am always adding new photos of cool places.